Occupational (Industrial) Hygiene

Abacon’s services in occupational (industrial) hygiene, health and safety include:

•  Workplace inspection and identification of occupational    stressors and hazardous agents

•  Identification of high risk groups
•  Evaluation of existing processes and controls
•  Sampling, analysis and interpretation of data
•  Worker exposure assessment
•  Design and implementation of remedial measures

Regulatory agencies require that worker exposure to chemical, biological and physical agents in commercial and industrial settings be minimized by both employer and employee by the means of:•  Engineering controls (e.g. proper ventilation systems)
•  Substitution (use of safer materials and ingredients)
•  Work practices (e.g. housekeeping)
•  Personal protective equipment (PPE)

Regulatory and professional organizations have established a number of procedural and numerical standards to measure, assess and control workplace exposures. Some of the agents, often referred to as “designated substances” (e.g. asbestos, lead, mercury, and others) received added attention that resulted in the introduction of contaminant-specific regulations. To help avoid adverse health effects of overexposure, guidelines must be followed.

From our base in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), we extend our occupational hygiene services into all of Ontario and Canada.