Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

In the field of indoor air quality (IAQ), Abacon provides the following consulting services:

•  Profiling and logging of indoor air quality complaints
•  Monitoring for IAQ parameters such as: relative humidity
    (RH), temperature, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide
•  Inspection of the HVAC systems
•  Sampling for indoor air contaminants
•  Analysis and interpretation of IAQ data
•  Identification of problem sources

The symptoms of poor indoor air are often referred to as tight (TBS) or sick building syndrome (SBS) and include a variety of complaints that can be associated with inadequately controlled indoor air parameters:•  Insufficient or excessive humidity
•  Too low or too high temperature
•  Improper air exchange and air flow rates
•  Excessive amount of carbon dioxide and/or
   carbon monoxide
•  Contamination of indoor air

The problems of indoor air quality typically originate from:

•  Unbalanced heating, ventilation and air conditioning
    (HVAC) system
•  Poorly maintained air filters and blowers
•  Contamination of air ducts and air handling units
•  Penetration of airborne contaminants into the building

From our base in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), we extend our indoor air quality consulting services into all of Ontario and Canada.