Asbestos Consulting

Professional asbestos management consulting services developed in Ontario in the late eighties after the introduction of Ontario Regulation 654/85 respecting Asbestos on Construction Projects and in Buildings and Repair Operations. The regulation recognized asbestos as a health hazard and imposed strict rules on the handling of asbestos-containing materials (ACM’s). Twenty years later ACM’s are still present in buildings, predominantly in those built before the mid-eighties. Presence of ACM in a building presumes the likelihood of exposure of building occupants to airborne asbestos and imposes strict duties on the building owner. Handling of ACM is subject to rigorous procedures. 

The asbestos-related consulting services provided by Abacon involve identification and assessment of the condition of ACM, recommendation on how to handle the material and assistance in remediation. 

Abacon provides a full range of asbestos management consulting services as follows:

•  Asbestos location survey, bulk sampling and assessment
•  Design and implementation of asbestos management    programs
•  Electronic asbestos inventory databases
•  Asbestos management training courses
•  Development of site-specific asbestos abatement    specifications
•  Inspection of asbestos removal projects and associated
   reinstatement work
•  Area and occupational air sampling
•  Asbestos-related analytical services

Abacon’s laboratory provides phase contrast microscopy (PCM) analysis for determinations of airborne fibre concentrations. Our lab participates in a quality assurance program. Other asbestos-related analytical services include polarized light microscopy (PLM, EPA 600) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM).

From our base in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), we extend our asbestos consulting services into all of Ontario and Canada.