The new Ontario Regulation 278/05 requires building owners to upgrade their record of asbestos-containing materials (ACM) to the new level by November 1, 2007. For all building owners who do not have an asbestos management program in place but otherwise should have, or, who do not wish to conform to the new inspection requirements, the Regulation requires that all building materials must be treated as though they were asbestos-containing. The most important elements of the new, higher standard for the record of ACM include:

New definition of ACM. The material is now considered
asbestos-containing if it contains 0.5% or more asbestos by
dry weight.

New requirement for the number of bulk material samples to be collected during the survey and analysed in the process of inspection. The number of samples now required for a homogeneous material to be declared non-containing depends on the type and amount of material and varies from 1 to 7.
Only one sample is required to confirm that the material does contain asbestos.

Additional testing may be required to ensure that the existing
record complies with the new standard. Materials which were
found to contain no asbestos but only one sample was
collected must be re-tested. Materials which were tested and
found to contain less than 1% asbestos (
old Regulation) must
be re-tested.
Requirement for a better analytical method to be used for
analysis of bulk material samples.
Regulation 278/05 specifies
the EPA Method 600 (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency,
Test Method EPA/600/R-93/116). The US EPA method 600 is
Polarized Light Microscopy (PLM) method with different
preparation and counting rules improving the Method
Detection Limit (MDL) to 0.5% asbestos.

Requirement for an update of asbestos record for all building
facilities every 12 months as a minimum.

Building owners will have to review and revise their existing ACM record to ensure that the new requirements are met. The Asbestos Management Program must be upgraded and implemented at all building facilities subject to the Regulation. Under Section 8 of the Regulation, a two year transitional period (beginning November 1, 2005) was included to allow building owners to meet the new requirements.

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